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Disadvantages of wire connectors

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Disadvantages of wire connectors

The wire connector is an accessory that has developed rapidly in recent years. With the globalization of the market and the emergence of AI technology in this industry, wire connectors are widely used in every country, with a particularly high demand. Wire connectors are used in a wide range of applications, such as elevators, electric water heaters, and artificial intelligence for children's toys. Not only do cables use wire connectors, they are also used in many engineering equipment. With this type of connector, we can replace accessories at any time, and it also increases the service life of construction machinery. In the future development, the wire connector will be a very important connection device, which will greatly facilitate the performance of the device and achieve multi-function. Globally, the share of wire connectors cannot be ignored. Whether it's a personal residence, a commercial place, or an office place, they all use wire connectors. However, if we do not pay attention to it or the connection is improper, it will easily cause a trip. So with so many application scenarios, we should also pay attention to its potential security risks while being widely used?



1.Disadvantages of Wire Connectors

(1) Reasons for accidents at joints

The main cause of the accident is a fire caused by a short circuit, heat, or electric spark. It should be noted that the insulation layer is peeled off, which causes the two wires to directly touch each other, resulting in an accident. This situation generally occurs at the connection point, such as the connection point of the wire and the wire, the connection point of the wire and the switch, the connection point of the wire and the terminal point of the electric carrier, the connection point of the wire and the shelter.

(2) Overheating due to excessive contact resistance

In the physical process that the connector is conducting, when the contact area is smaller than the conductor area, the connector is likely to overheat, which will cause the surrounding combustibles to burn and become a fire accident. The reasons for the excessive contact resistance of the connector are: First, the placement quality is poor; Second, the connector is opened for a long time and loose; Third, the conductor connection is oxidized; Fourth, there is dust pollution.



2.Precautionary Measures

(1) Wire Insulation Banding: The easiest way is to twist the wires first, then tin-line them, and finally wrap them with high-strength insulation tape.


(2) Crimping cap wiring method: The second standard wire connection method is the crimping cap wiring method. This method is the safest, most standard and most practical method of wire connection.


(3) Only one wire is allowed in the terminal box and terminal. We need to ensure that every wire is protected by a string of tubes.

In most cases, trips at home or office are actually caused by improper connection of wire connectors. We have seen a lot of wire accidents, some of which are caused by overloading the wires, and some are caused by loose connectors of the wires. Although the wire connector is small, it plays an extremely important role in circuit engineering. Therefore, we must take precautionary measures.




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