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Electronic Components
Is a manufacturer Founded in 1990 which is a new products development,mass-producing and branding sales’ electronic components company,specializing in Terminal block,connectors and precision moulds.
What is Electronic Components
Electronic components are fundamental parts that make up electronic circuits. These components have specific functions and roles in controlling the flow of electric current within a circuit. Common electronic components include resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, and various types of sensors. Each component serves a unique purpose in shaping the behavior of an electronic system.

1.Resistors: Restrict the flow of electric current.
2.Capacitors: Store and release electrical energy.
3.Inductors: Store energy in a magnetic field.
4.Diodes: Allow current to flow in one direction.
5.Transistors: Amplify or switch electronic signals.
6.Integrated Circuits (ICs): Contain multiple components on a single chip.
7.Sensors: Convert physical parameters (like light, temperature, or pressure) into electrical signals.

These components are combined and interconnected to create electronic devices, ranging from simple gadgets to complex systems like computers and smartphones. Electronic components play a crucial role in the functioning of modern technology and are the building blocks of electronic systems and devices.