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Ground wire welding

Requirements for the installation of the ground wire: the connection of the grounding device should be reliable and unconditionally welded. The welding of the ground wire should be lap welding and the crimping of the ground wire with electrical equipment. The connection of the grounding device should be reliable, and the grounding wire should be whole or welded. The connection between the grounding body and the grounding trunk should leave a break point for measuring the grounding resistance. This point is connected by a screw. The ground wire should be welded by lap welding.

The connection of the grounding device should be reliable, and the grounding wire should be whole or welded. The connection between the grounding body and the grounding trunk should leave a break point for measuring the grounding resistance. This point is connected by a screw.

The ground wire should be welded by lap welding, and its overlap length; partial steel should be twice the width, and three collar edges should be used for welding; round steel towers should be six times the diameter, and it should be welded on both sides.

Bolts can be considered for unconditional welding, but the interface area must be ensured; bolts should use loose washers and reliable rust prevention measures.

When the ground wire is connected to electrical equipment, bolt crimping should be used. Each electrical equipment should be connected to the ground main separately. It is strictly forbidden to connect several devices that need to be grounded in series on one ground wire.

Grounding resistance of grounding device

When using protective grounding, the grounding resistance of the grounding device should not be greater than 4Ω. Minimum size of protection wire and grounding body: generally speaking, the grounding device of artificial grounding body should be hot-dip galvanized steel, all of which are shaped steel. The protection wire should be inspected frequently, and any damage, disconnection, loosening, shedding, corrosion, etc. should be eliminated in time. When the grounding body is buried, the surrounding soil should be sprinkled with a certain amount of salt, and then watered to ensure good electrical conductivity. In addition, during the warranty period, the ground resistance should be measured once a year to prevent the ground resistance from becoming too large and failing.

Requirements for grounding resistance:

1. The resistance must be less than 4. The size of the grounding resistance can define the size of the grounding current. The smaller the value of the grounding resistance, the smaller the grounding voltage of the grounding device. This means that the size of the ground resistance value indicates the good or bad of the equipment grounding performance.

2. Resistance measurement ground resistance can generally be measured with ammeter voltmeter, bridge method, ground resistance measuring instrument, etc. At present, ground resistance measuring instrument is used for measurement. This method is simple and convenient. In strongly corrosive soils, we can use copper- or zinc-plated ground electrodes. At the same time, the ground electrode must not be buried in the garbage layer and ash layer area. The ground electrode laid in the ground should not be painted to avoid excessive ground resistance.

Ground wire specifications

Ground wire in the power system: it is an important tool to ensure workers when unexpected voltages occur on the equipment and lines that have been powered off. According to ministerial regulations, the ground wire must be made of bare copper flexible wire with a diameter of 25mm 2 or more.


The ground wire must be checked before work. Whether the flexible copper wire is broken, whether the screw connection is loose, and the elasticity of the wire hook is normal. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be replaced or repaired before use.

Check the electricity before hanging the grounding wire. Hang the grounding wire without checking the electricity is a common habit in the grassroots. The grounding wire can not contact the body when hanging.

Hang the ground wire at both ends of the work site to avoid the possibility of reverse power transmission and induction by the user. When driving the grounding pile, it is necessary to use the ground body to quickly clear the large current of the accident to ensure the quality of the grounding.

Take care of the ground wire. The grounding wire must not be twisted during use. When not in use, the soft copper wire coil must be reeled. After the grounding wire is removed, it must not be dropped from the air or thrown anywhere. It must be passed by rope. Pay attention to the cleaning of the grounding wire.

New staff must go through the training and study on the use of the ground wire before passing the assessment before they can engage in the operation or use of the ground wire alone.

Select the corresponding grounding wire according to different voltage levels.

It is strictly forbidden to use other metal wires instead of ground wires.

Do not hang the ground wire or change the location of the ground wire without permission.

The ground wire is double-sided, it has a safety function, and it will also have a damaging effect if it is improperly used, so the ground wire should be removed in time after work. A switch with a ground wire will damage the electrical equipment and the stability of the power grid, and will cause serious vicious electrical accidents.

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