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What are the pre-insulated terminals?

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What are the pre-insulated terminals?

Insulated terminals are actually a piece of metal enclosed in an insulating plastic. It has holes at both ends for inserting wires, and screws are used to tighten or loosen. For example, sometimes you need to connect two wires, and sometimes you need to disconnect them. At this time, you can use terminals to connect them, and you can disconnect them at any time without having to solder them or twist them together, which is very convenient and fast. There are many types of pre-insulated terminals. Today we will introduce the tube type pre-insulated terminal, fork type pre-insulated terminal and round pre-insulated terminal.



1.Tube type pre-insulated terminal

Tubular pre-insulated terminals are one of the types of cold-pressed crimp terminals. At the same time, it is also called pin cold-pressed terminal in the industry. The main function of the tubular pre-insulated terminal is an accessory product that conducts electricity and realizes electrical connection. In industry, it is divided into the category of connectors. When the tube-type insulated terminal is closely adjacent to the wire connection position, it can improve the insulation safety and prevent the wire from branching. Tubular insulated terminals make it easier to insert wires into the ends.



2. Fork type pre-insulated terminal

The SV series fork type pre-insulated terminal belongs to one of the cold-pressed terminal types, which is convenient to connect and meets the actual requirements. It can easily implement chain bridging.


Its crimp tests are:

(1) Use the appropriate cold-pressed terminal according to the cross section of the wire, and the corresponding specifications are required to be exactly the same.

(2) The length of the stripped wire insulation layer complies with the regulations, and the length is required to be correct.

(3) All the metal wires of the conductor are completely enclosed in the cold-pressed terminal, and no scattered copper wires are required.

(4) The crimping parts meet the requirements, and the crimping parts are required to be correct.

(5) Strength test after crimping according to the strength of the tensile strength test in the TB / T1507-93 standard, the quality of crimping is checked with a calibrated TLS-S2000A spring tension and compression testing machine.

(6) Inspection of the crimping tool must meet the requirements for fixing strength. Qualified every three months, a tool that meets the requirements should have a label showing its validity.

(7) Wiring bundling Bundle bundling at least once every 400 ~ 500mm. 

3.Circular pre-insulated terminal

Round pre-insulated terminals are one of the cold-pressed terminal specifications. With the increasing degree of industrial automation and the increasingly strict and precise industrial control requirements, the use of terminal blocks has gradually increased. When the wire terminals are closely adjacent, it can improve the insulation safety and prevent the wire from branching. It makes it easier to insert the wire into the terminal.

In private offices, we can use pre-insulated terminals to help us organize the wires. The pre-insulated terminals are beautiful, so that the cabinet does not look so messy, and the wiring is orderly.




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