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The application of electrical wires in life is very extensive, which contain many parts. The electric wire terminals are a very important part of electrical wires. However, the wire terminal is not an independent component. There are still many components under it, including an insulating member and a conductive member. These two parts are very important for the wire terminal. However, there is frequent failure about the two components. So, what are the disadvantages of wire terminals?



Disadvantages of Wire Terminals

Wire terminals often fail when used. This is the biggest drawback of wire terminals. From the perspective of use, the function that the terminal should achieve is that the contact area where the contact should be conducted must be conductive, and the contact is reliable. There are three common types of fatal faults in terminal blocks.


1.Poor Contact

The metal conductor is the core part of the terminal. It transmits the voltage, current, or signal from the external wire or cable to the corresponding contact piece of the corresponding connector. Therefore, the contact must have an excellent structure, stable and reliable contact holding force, and good electrical conductivity. The unreasonable structural design of the contact, incorrect selection of materials, unstable mold, poor processing dimensions, rough surface, heat treatment and electroplating, and other surface treatment processes which are unreasonable, improper assembly, poor storage and use environment and improper operation and use will cause poor contact in contacting part and mating parts of terminals.


2.Poor Insulation

The role of the insulator is to keep the contacts in the correct position and to insulate the contacts, and the contacts and the body case from each other. Therefore, the insulation must have excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties and process molding performance. Especially with the widespread use of high-density, miniaturized terminal blocks, the effective wall thickness of insulators is getting thinner and thinner. This imposes more stringent requirements on insulation materials, injection mold accuracy and molding processes. The excess metal on the surface or the inside of the insulator, surface dust, contamination and moisture of flux, moisture absorption, mold growth and aging of insulation materials will cause short circuit, leakage, breakdown, low insulation resistance and other poor insulation phenomena.


3. Poor Fixation

The insulator not only plays the role of insulation, but also usually provides accurate centering and protection for the protruding contacts. At the same time, it also has the functions of installation and positioning, and locking and fixing on the device. Poor fixation affects the reliability of the contact and causes instant power failure if it is not serious. But if the poor fixation gets serious, it will cause product disintegration. Disassembly refers to the abnormal separation between the plug and the socket, and the abnormal separation between the pin and the socket caused by the unreliable structure of the terminal in the mated state due to materials, design, and technology, which will cause serious consequences of signal control interruptions. Due to unreliable design, wrong material selection, improper selection of molding process, poor quality of heat treatment, mold, assembly, welding and poor assembly will cause poor fixing.



Is the Wire Terminal Safe?

Although there are many faults in the wire terminal when used, these faults generally are not threat to the safety of the user. As long as there is no serious leakage, the use of the wire terminal is generally safe. So, consumers don’t have to worry too much.


We know that once the wiring terminal fails, it will stop working immediately, so knowing the type of failure and the judgment method helps us to make a timely judgment and repair when a failure occurs. The common fatal faults of the terminal include poor contact, poor insulation, and poor fixing. Therefore, it is especially important when selecting materials and installing. We should choose materials with better performance to reduce the failure rate in the later period, and we need to learn about methods to identify and troubleshoot.




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